TRINITY the last installment in my Disaster Trilogy

TRINITY brings the story of Eli Taylor and Victor Majeski full circle. It all started with my first novel, DON’T GO THERE. About the turn of the twenty-first century, a West Industries pipeline construction project to connect La Paz, Bolivia with the Pacific Ocean, over the Andes Mountains, was infected by the Russian Mafia’s attempt to resurrect what was left of the Cordoba Drug Cartel. It needed a path to get its product to market, and it viewed West’s pipeline project as a perfect disguise.

Eli discovered the conspiracy, and with the help of Vic and the FBI, they scuttled the Russian Mafia’s plans and sent its leader, Mikhail Ormond, back to the Chechen Republic with his tail between his legs. Eli almost died in the process, but it’s what convinced him to start his own company, Daneli Crisis Management.

Daneli became the energy industry’s leading disaster response company. In the first installment of the Disaster Trilogy, THE RUBIK MEMORANDUM, Eli and Vic, along with all of Daneli’s resources, respond to fire at the Craney Island, Virginia delivery facility which fuels the Navy’s east coast fleet. In the process, they uncover how this disaster was staged as a tool to disguise a plot to manipulate the White House to start a war against Middle East adversaries.

Daneli was called on again in INSCRUTABLE, the Second Installment of my Disaster Trilogy. This time it’s a fracking operation by an oil company that needs its help.

In TRINITY, it responds to a massive of gasoline on the Potomac River near Washington, DC. An illegal pipeline tap, installed when the pipeline was being built in 1980, fails. Eli and Vic discover that three powerful entities conspired to install and use the taps to steals millions of gallons of gasoline from the pipeline. Find out how they capture the perpetrators and exact old style revenge on their mastermind.