Monthly Archives: March 2017

Updated Appearance Schedule for 2017

March 24-26 at the DAHLONEGA LITERARY FESTIVAL. Find me on Saturday with the Regional Writers, and on the panel on Sunday at 2:30. I'll be staying at The Old Storehouse Inn across from St. Lukes at 90 N. Meaders St. Saturday night I'm hosting an after-party for authors in my hotel room. Come by and…
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WE KILLED – First Performance of SMITTEN

February 17th marked the beginning of the PERFORMANCE APPEARANCE AUTHOR EVENTS of Jeremy Logan. No more boring readings. Brenda Sevcik, my co-author for THE TRIGGER EFFECT (to be published by this June) co-starred with me in the first performance of a scene from my lasted novel, SMITTEN. With the help of my sister, Marcia Saucedo,…
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