WE KILLED – First Performance of SMITTEN

February 17th marked the beginning of the PERFORMANCE APPEARANCE AUTHOR EVENTS of Jeremy Logan. No more boring readings.

Brenda Sevcik, my co-author for THE TRIGGER EFFECT (to be published by this June) co-starred with me in the first performance of a scene from my lasted novel, SMITTEN. With the help of my sister, Marcia Saucedo, we acted out the “Artist Scene.” The audience loved it!

It lasted seven and a half minutes, and author Rona Simmons made a video recording it on my cell phone. It was performed at Books for Less in Buford, where I also appeared with Rona and David Darracott as THE KILLERS NEXT DOOR. The performance served as our first dress rehearsal, demonstrating to me and audience that we could do it well, and that it’s much more enjoyable to the attendees who follow us.

On July 12th, at the Roswell Adult Recreation Center we entertained the 117 people in the audience with a dramatic performance of two scenes from THE TRIGGER EFFECT. Doug Dahlgren, a fellow author, joined the cast of Brenda Sevcik and me. Again, it was a flawless performance to a very appreciative crowd.

This is the future of author appearances. If you can’t entertain followers, they will stop coming to your events. Next appearance To Be Announced, probably in April. Stay tuned.

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