Happy holidays to all my friends and fans of my novels.

News from Jeremy’s desk:

Inscrutable, the 2nd of my Disaster Trilogy went back to the editor this week. Hopefully, one more round and it’s ready to meet the public.

Smitten, was sent to the publisher today. It should be available right after the first of the year. I think I love it. We’ll have to wait for the publisher’s review before we know how much to love it.
The 3rd entry in my Disaster Trilogy is in the works. I don’t have a title yet, nor have I a fully developed plot. As soon as I do, I’ll complete a detailed outline and start writing.

Since I have two novels close to publication, I expect to devote most of my time on marketing the republished The Rubik Memorandum, Inscrutable and Smitten. My marketing strategy is to seize every opportunity to get my novels noticed by the literary community, hoping that a major reviewer like the New York Times will print a review, primarily on Rubik. Some of my efforts have already begun.

Last year I became a board member of the Dahlonega Literary Festival. I hired a publicist, Jody Rosen, and I spruced up my website to facilitate visitor’s interests. This year I hosted an “authors party” where seven authors joined me while we entertained invitees with presentations about our efforts to become best sellers, offered to read some passages from our works, and simply mingled.

Last week I took part in a “Virtual Book Festival” hosted by author Rona Simmons. It featured movie screen writer and author, Scott Seeke in an online chat. I joined a book critique group sponsored by the Atlanta Writer’s Club (which I am a member). My author pals are conjuring up events like my authors party that we hope will catch the interest of the local media. And lastly, my publisher is entering me and my novels in festivals, conferences and appearances throughout the Southeast.

It’s going to be a busy 2016. Cross your fingers for me that a reviewer of notoriety publishes a complimentary review of Rubik, Inscrutable or Smitten.

Got to go.

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