Blog 28 by novelist Jeremy Logan — BOOK LAUNCH FOR THE RUBIK MEMORANDUM

Blog 28 by novelist Jeremy Logan -- BOOK LAUNCH FOR THE RUBIK MEMORANDUM

June was a busy month. The Rubik Memorandum was published, and we had a very successful book launching party. The paperback went on sale on and the Kindle version will become available today or tomorrow.

The next couple of months are filling up with book signings and scheduled appearances at book festivals and speaking engagements. My next appearance will be at the Fulton County Library in Atlanta, Georgia (Northside Drive) and I will appear at the Decatur Book Festival on August 30th where I will speak, appear on the panel and join the emerging authors for signings. We're also awaiting confirmation for two more book festivals, The Savannah and Dahlonega events in early 2015. Here's a plug for my publicist, Jody Rosen, for jettisoning my writing career. Also thanks to my sister Marcy Saucedo/graphic designer and my website SEO consultant, Lynn Abent at Printheads.

I've received great reviews for The Rubik Memorandum, and my editor believes it's Best-Seller material. I am seeking a review by a renowned and respected reviewer. I believe I have a formula and team built for success. There is one issue, however, that we are still working on. Major booksellers, some book festivals and news media outlets do not accept "Indie" authors (those not represented by a respected publisher). While this is annoying and creates higher hurdles for emerging authors, we are addressing it now. My support team is researching what it will take to form their own publishing firm. But if I find a publishing house that I like in the next few months, I might go in that direction.

Even though I've been busy with these other matters, I am still making progress on my next novel. It will be Part 2 of The Disaster Trilogy. The urge to write and create a new and better novel doesn't diminish. In keeping with creating stories that deal with current world crises and events, my next novel will involve a very hot topic in today's world. I think you will find it a very fitting sequel to The Rubik Memorandum.

Here's an entertaining encounter from TRM to whet your appetite.

“Hey, man. Have you been working out? You’re not on the prowl, are you? You know that is one of the things wives say they notice when they think their guy is cheating on them.”

“Afraid not,” Eli said as they headed for the three babes in the booth next to the window. “Lifting a child can build you up just the same as lifting iron.”

Vic said, “Now, you just smile and go along with my lead.”

As they approached the table with the stockbrokers, one was looking at them, and the other two were deep in conversation.

“Hello, ladies, how did the market do today?” Vic inquired as he stood next to their booth.

They all looked in Vic’s direction. Two giggled while the other measured Vic with her eyes.

“I’m Vic, and this guy is my dad. To whom are we looking at so adoringly?”

The one who had measured Vic made the introductions. Her opening salvo indicated that Vic and Eli were about to meet a playful mind with a wide range of interests. It’s not often that the Archie comic book characters are brought back to life.

“That’s Betty. This is Midge in the middle. And I’m Veronica.”

“Very cute. Where’s Archie?” Vic inquired.

Veronica replied, “Finally, a man with sophistication. Archie and the boys are nursing Hot Dog back home.”

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