I’ve started novel number five. Two are published and two more are in line for publishing – and could be available for sale very shortly. My publisher is in the process of  designing a cover and making final edit suggestions.

Novel number five has the temporary title of TRINITY.  It will the third and final entry of my Disaster Trilogy. I’m playing off of the many ways one can say “the third”.  Trinity not only signifies that it’s a part of three events, the novel has three distinct parts – the incident, the investigation and the turmoil it creates, and the arrests and their fallout.

It features the irrepressible Victor Majeski in his role as Daneli’s chief investigator. A gasoline pipeline ruptures that crosses the Potomac River in close proximity of Washington, D.C. The pipeline is operated by Vic’s previous employer, West Industries. When the gasoline surfaces on top of the water, a spark ignites it, turning the entire width off the river on fire as it floats past the Jefferson Memorial and out to Chesapeake Bay. Daneli Crisis Management is hired to lead the incident response and investigation.

If you know me, there’s always a twist in the disasters Daneli responds to. In this mystery we find something that was done twenty-eight years ago by some scumbags to steal gasoline from West. That something caused the pipeline to rupture today.

If you enjoyed reading The Rubik Memorandum, you know that anything Vic gets involved in includes complicated, clandestine operations by ruthless conspirators with bad intentions. Back is Vic’s love interest, the alluring senior FBI investigator Angela Creamer. She’s working for Daneli’s old friend, FBI bureau chief Frank Gilbert. Gilbert assigns her to the investigation, and she and Vic go after the bad guys together. What could possibly go wrong?

Only an unconventional hero like Vic can bring the perps to justice, but has Vic finally overplayed his hand? Check back with me to see how Trinity is progressing – as of 1-15-16 I’ve written seventy-seven pages.


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