Blog #14 by novelist Jeremy Logan — LOCATING THE CREATIVE RESERVOIR

Blog #14 by novelist Jeremy Logan -- LOCATING THE CREATIVE RESERVOIR

The creative process is an illusive commodity. Writer's block occurs to all of us in one form or another.  Some of the time it's just the lack of inspiration.  Other times it's the lack of focus.

What I mean by lack of focus is a temporary occurrence of distractions that overpower the ability to focus.  I see it as two scenarios.  The first is when the cats have been let out of the bag and they are running away from you in all directions.  You find it impossible to corral them and get your thoughts back in order.  The second scenario is when you are able to lure all the cats back into the bag.

One thing is certain. It's impossible to force it. When I have tried to force it I do harm to my novel. It is better to walk away from the typewriter or computer and become distracted.  Eventually something will happen to inspire you and release your creative juices.  I just had one of my longest spells of writer's block.  Every time I thought about writing my focus was running with the cats as they escaped from my grasp.

I got it back a week ago and now the writing comes easy. Having the luxury to put your project away for a while until you find the inspiration to work on it again is the secret for creating a cohesive novel.

And let me contrast this phenomena with a home or business project. Possessing the knowledge and skills to perform in the business or home environment allows you to force or drive the project to a high quality conclusion.  In that setting it simply takes motivation; and that motivation can be as rudimentary as salary, promotion or basic needs.   And here's an illustration of difference.  Have you ever gone to a brainstorming session at your workplace and discovered that it isn't getting off the ground. Distraction or lack of inspiration can be a mass affliction. When that happens you have to walk away or reconvene at a later time. If you don't you end up with bad ideas. It never fails. Why?  Because brainstorming is the creative process at work. When it's there or its not there you can feel it.

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