My Experience at the 2017 MILTON LITERARY FESTIVAL

I served as the Author Chairman on the steering committee. Although this was the third MLF, it was the first in the new venue, the Milton City Hall Complex. Although I contributed on all the panels, workshops and programs, I was was the developer of three:
The Paranormal Panel, the Creating an Image Panel and the Literature Live Cabaret at The Olde Blind Dog pub.

I also had the pleasure to perform with my co-author of my latest novel, THE TRIGGER EFFECT, Brenda Sevcik, on the Literature Live Cabaret program. We acted two scenes from our novel. I was also the moderator of the Paranormal Panel.

This was an event where my early choices in my author career paid off. Two years serving on the Dahlonega Literary Festival, being active in Atlanta author scene, and supporting other local authors allowed me to know many talented individuals who write, illustrate books and their covers, and perform professionally on stage. I was able to gain their support and confidence in producing a festival that was so very entertaining.

The 2017 festival was a huge success, exceeding previous attendance records, and drawing rave reviews from the attendees. There were many authors to thank for leading and appearing in panels and programs, and many of them contributed their time and talent to help organize, develop and moderate their panels. I can't thank Wayne Boston enough, the overall chairperson, for his confidence in me. The three programs I developed were well-attended, and the authors, performers, moderators and contributors performed better than I could have imagined. It was very gratifying to showcase the natural strengths of each author where they are most confident and comfortable.

I don't know if I'll ever take a leadership role again in such an endeavor. It takes so much work and time, but it's so rewarding when it comes as well as this event. Special thanks to Brenda Sevcik, who got sucked into contributing as the promotions director. She did a wonderful job, but I feel a little guilty that had she not been performing with me at our appearances for THE TRIGGER EFFECT, the Milton Festival would not have known about her and talked her into a contributing role.

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