Blog No. 38 by Jeremy Logan

Welcome to the new era of Jeremy Logan. Deeds Publishing has taken me under its wing. The deal I signed is for the republication of The Rubik Memorandum. I will be announcing everything new for me and Rubik that will start to unfold in the early fall.

In the meantime my third novel, Inscrutable, has been printed as a proof for Faye to edit. She will suggest revisions in the book margins, and I will incorporate the ones that I feel will improve the reading experience. After that, the revised version then goes to the professional editor for final suggestions.  And after that round of revisions the manuscript will be sent to the printer to publish copies for sale. I will market it as a self-published work, and it will be available on Amazon for purchase.

My new work is entitled, Smitten. I mentioned in an earlier blog as a coming of age love story that has a murder mystery wrapped into it. Here's an interesting twist for my fans, this story came to life as I was playing golf with three friends I've known since my high school days in Atlanta. We got on the subject of classmates that became famous or infamous. The most infamous was one that became a serial killer. Yeah! No kidding.

That discussion morphed into classmates, and since we are guys, the girls we had secret crushes. And that's when the story and plot blew off the top of my head. This was so easy to write. I could put my secret desires and emotions that never came to the surface into a story that would excite others for it's aspects as a thriller where a serial killer and his victims impact the love affair. Of course, all of what I write is pure fiction, but it's inspired by events that were real. Here's a clue for my classmates that might want to try to figure out who I had secret crush on. She was one of twins. In the book her sister becomes a fictional victim of the killer.

I hope this peek into the plot fascinates you. I'm trying my best to make this novel my finest effort. To give you an idea how much fun it's been to write, I started it in April, and on July 7th I'm on the final chapter of what should be 300 pages of a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

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