New Projects

While Brenda Sevcik, my co-author for THE TRIGGER EFFECT, and I appear together around the state we've added acting out scenes from our novel to entertain those who attend our appearances. It's been a lot of fun and the audiences have loved it. At the Roswell Recreation Center we had 117 in the audience. That's my all-time record for any appearance.

While playing bridge with my wife, a woman who reads my books suggested a story line that I'm considering. It's a takeoff on a true event in her recent life. I think it might end up as a novel. Right now it's title is: MY WINDOW BUDDY.

The other day I got re-inspired to put the finishing touches on INSCRUTABLE, the second installment of my disaster trilogy. I should finish it in the next month or so.

The third installment in my disaster trilogy, TRINITY, I'm 75% finished with the first draft. I'm guessing it will be published in 2019.

Other than appearing at the launch of THE TRIGGER EFFECT January 20, 2018, and the Dahlonega Literary Festival March 24th and 25th, you can expect to see me the following venues I've arranged an appearance but haven't settled on a date to announce: East Cobb Senior Center, Raiford Gallery in Roswell, and The Olde Blind Dog pub in Milton.

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