Blog #7 by novelist Jeremy Logan — 10/17/13 – PUBLICATION DAY

Blog #7 by novelist Jeremy Logan -- 10/17/13 - PUBLICATION DAY

Finally, on 10/17/13 Don't Go There went into print.  It's available in paperback at It's also available in paperback at Next month, November, it will be available as an e-book for Kindle on

Since I'm a male I have never given birth to a baby; however, getting your first book published is probably the closest thing to it for a man.  Later this week I will start my marketing campaign.  Emails, Twitter and Facebook will be my first order of getting the word out.  I expect that later I will be paying for ads and the like.  Next month will be the publication of the results of book reviews.  I submitted this title to a couple of independent book reviewers.  I'm exhausted, and I have decided to take a ten day vacation abroad, starting on October 30th, to recharge the batteries.

Now that the first novel has launched, I have to get back in the saddle and work on the second novel, The Devil is in the Details. This story is a completely different animal than my first, except that some of the main characters continue on a new journey.  Eli Taylor has left West Industries and started up his own disaster response firm.  They get pulled into the world of politics and the military when they get a call to report to the Commander of the U.S. Navy Fuel Supply Depot in Portsmouth, Virginia.  The CraneyIsland facility is on fire and personnel are missing and feared dead.

In TDIITD Eli Taylor takes a backseat to his chief investigator, Victor Majeski. Vic follows his hunches while accumulating the evidence that leads him away from the usual causes, mechanical failure or human error. He smells a rat, and this rat is not what their principal wants to think about.  The military and the FBI tell him to forget his crazy notions and leave the politics and intrigue up to them.  Even Vic is worried where his nose is leading him, but he can't let it go.

The projected publication date for TDIITD is still the end March, 2014, but I will have to get back on the stick if I intend to make it a better read than DGT.  I am trying to incorporate all the lessens learned in making the first effort.  I'm confident I have a great plot, and I love the new cast of characters. The bare bones of the work is in place, but there is more research to do confirm the technical aspects of the investigation are an accurate picture of the IT world at the turn of the century.

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