Blog #1 by novelist Jeremy Logan — WOW! SO HERE WE GO

Blog #1 by novelist Jeremy Logan -- WOW! SO HERE WE GO

First blog - 8-17-2013.  Disclaimer: Social media is new to me.  So, please bear with me. When you think about it, social media and being an auther both fight for the precious time you have available.  Anyway, I am now committed to fit them both into my life.

Coming Soon: Jeremy Logan on Facebook and Twitter.

The urge to write:  The urge to write is completely different than the urge to become an author.  Being a writer - change that, a successful writer of novels - is more of a challenge than an aspiration.  You ask yourself, can I do it well enough so that others will enjoy reading it?  I am about to find out.  So, if you are not reading this on my website, I recommend you go to to learn more about my current effort.

My publisher tells me my first novel, "Don't Go There," should be available online at Amazon by November, 2013.  If you enjoy mystery novels I think you will find "DGT" worth reading.

If I have any talent at all, it's story-telling. I have been fortunate to know many interesting people who have led rich, eventful and sometimes, outrageous lives.  It is their personalities, their gifts and shortcomings that have made so many real dramas I have witnessed bizarre and entertaining. This is my opportunity to recreate their personalities in fiction so the world may enjoy them, their fictional endeavors and dramas, as I have been fascinated by their real ones.

In my next post I will talk about how DGT came about - how I approached the challenge - and how I chose to try to pass over the hurdles that stood in the path to my success.

By the way, my next novel - The Devil is in the Details - is due by 12-31-13.  I am currently working on its editing.





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