BLOG # 37, I’m Courting a Publisher

It appears my efforts might have landed a publisher. I'm in the contract signing phase, and if all goes well, Jeremy Logan will be a "Published Author" as a opposed to my previous designation of "self published". It's a one-book deal for The Rubik Memorandum. It will get a new cover and interior design, and it will be re-edited for a wider appeal.

More than anything, this novel will be reformatted for a all digital readers, Nook, Kindle, Itunes, etc. and republished as a paperback as well. It also means it will be available for libraries and bookstores. That doesn't mean you'll find it in every library and bookstore, we'll have to market it well enough so that they will want to offer put it on their shelves.  I will be helping the publisher with the marketing as well.

It also means I'll start touring with the publisher along with the rest of it's authors to festivals and literary events in the Southeast. We will be advising you of appearance dates in the near future. What this means is a longer delay on the publication of Inscrutable, a baby that refuses to be born.


On another front, I've agreed to be the fundraising chairman for the Dahlonega Literary Festival. It's a non-profit which I was included as a "Regional Author" for the first time in March. I fell in love with it, and the folks who run it. Don't worry, I won't be barking up your tree for donations. My customers are local businesses, corporations, etc.


Other news is that I'm one hundred pages into a new novel.  It's a complete departure from what I've been doing. It's a coming-of-age love story that turns into a murder mystery.


What all this amounts to is that Jeremy is going to be a busy boy this next year. I've already decided to eliminate most of my TV watching, except for the series' Faye likes to watch with me, mainly House of Cards, The Americans, Mad Men, etc.  That means most sports are out except my weekly golf outing with my buds and Bulldog football games in Athens in the fall.

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