I play bridge weekly, and everyone there knows I write novels. One player, Margaret, said something happened the other day which I might be able to use in one of my books. “About six weeks ago, after a trying day, I poured myself a glass of wine about 9 pm and sat down on my breakfast room stool that faced a picture window looking out at the house next door. It was totally dark in my house except a night light in the hall some twenty feet behind me.”

“I saw the man who lived next door appear in his kitchen window that faced mine. His kitchen had a bar counter and he sat behind it facing me. His house was almost dark inside except for what appeared to be ‘under- the-cupboard-lights,’ dimmed real low. I could barely make him out. I saw him pour himself what looked like a glass of whiskey. For the next few weeks, I got in the habit of drinking a glass of wine each evening. And for some reason unknown to me, he repeated his appearance with a glass of liquor.

I came home from the grocery last week and an ambulance was in his driveway and two police cars were parked on the street. I walked over there and was told he died of an apparent heart attack. I didn’t know him, but I felt I lost a friend.

On the day of his funeral, friends and family gathered at his house. The night before I baked some brownies. I took them over to his house when people started to gather. I didn’t know anybody, and a lady walked up to me and asked, ‘and who are you?’ I hold her I lived next door and she asked, ‘which house?’ I walked to his window in the kitchen that faced my breakfast room and said, “I live there.’ The lady said to me, ‘Oh, you were his window buddy. I worked with him and he told me all about the mysterious woman who lived next door.’"

Margaret had more of the story to tell, but the seed was planted in my brain and I knew I had to create a plot for my next mystery. Margaret was kind enough to give me permission to make a novel out of it. I knew I had to tell the story from the woman’s point of view. After all, it was Margaret’s story. I called up Brenda Sevcik, my co-author for THE TRIGGER EFFECT, and asked her if she wanted to write another novel together. She excitedly agreed.

At this writing the plot has been created and we’re writing the fourth chapter. It should be in print by the end of this year, 2019. I cannot express in words how much fun Brenda and I had writing our last book. Let me tell you, The Thrill Is Back. We have become great buddies. We enjoy each other’s company and love talking about what we’re writing, and sometimes like now, it’s what we’re writing together.

Brenda and I can be seen regularly around Atlanta performing in front of audiences. We act out scenes from our novels at nightclubs, festivals, churches, senior centers and book clubs. We’ve created a loyal following, and we love to entertain them. I owe my incentive to perform to Brenda, who encouraged me to crawl out of my shyness and give the audience something different.

TRINITY on the way to my editor

TRINITY manuscript is ready. The final installment of my Disaster Trilogy is on its way to being published. The final draft was sent to the editor. We're expecting a July printing. On a personal note, my one and only child is getting married in May. Alison is to marry Kyle…

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March 1st and 2nd I’m appearing at the DAHLONEGA LITERARY FESTIVAL for the fourth straight year (that might be a record). What it means is that I’ve written four novels in each of the last four years, and the DLF likes them enough to invite me. I’m featuring my latest,…

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When I heard that the City of Milton was going to discontinue its book festival in 2018 because they didn't have the time or the resources, I met with them. The outcome was my agreement to produce it. I recruited a team, Keryl Oliver - chairperson, Bookmiser's Annell Gerson -…

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New Projects

While Brenda Sevcik, my co-author for THE TRIGGER EFFECT, and I appear together around the state we've added acting out scenes from our novel to entertain those who attend our appearances. It's been a lot of fun and the audiences have loved it. At the Roswell Recreation Center we had…

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Myself and four other mystery/thriller authors join up on Sunday, February 12th, from 4 to 6 pm. for an online chat. Plug the following into your browser window to participate and follow the instructions: We'll be talking about our craft, answering your questions, or just chatting with you about…

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I'm embarking on a new adventure. Although my next novel will be published in January, and it's done except another round of editing, I'm working on a new mystery in collaboration with Brenda Sevcik, an author whose style is quite engaging. I'm quite excited about it because it allows us…

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May, 2016 BLOG               Observations Recently, a lot has been going on in my life. I had a rewarding appearance and book-signing at Masada Leather in Athens, GA on April 26th. Smitten, my third novel, was launched on May 5th, at Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur, GA. Great crowd, sold…

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INSPIRATION I’m getting very excited about Smitten. I could have had it published by now, but my publisher believes it had tremendous potential. Because of that I’ve been refining every scene and every sentence to make sure it’s the best work I can produce. One might say that my first…

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HAPPY NEW YEAR MYSTERY FANS I’ve started novel number five. Two are published and two more are in line for publishing – and could be available for sale very shortly. My publisher is in the process of  designing a cover and making final edit suggestions. Novel number five has the temporary title…

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Happy holidays to all my friends and fans of my novels. News from Jeremy’s desk: Inscrutable, the 2nd of my Disaster Trilogy went back to the editor this week. Hopefully, one more round and it’s ready to meet the public. Smitten, was sent to the publisher today. It should be…

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NEW ERA FOR ME AND MY FANS Blog No. 38 by Jeremy Logan Welcome to the new era of Jeremy Logan. Deeds Publishing has taken me under its wing. The deal I signed is for the republication of The Rubik Memorandum. I will be announcing everything new for me and…

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Blog 31 by novelist Jeremy Logan — CYCLES

Blog 31 by novelist Jeremy Logan -- CYCLES I try to avoid commenting on politics, governing, religion and foreign affairs; however, my novels include these subjects. Lately I've gotten comments from readers that believe my stories promote ideology that chooses sides. My honest response is that there is no intention…

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