Blog #13 by novelist Jeremy Logan — THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUSINESS

Blog #13 by novelist Jeremy Logan -- THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUSINESS

My writing has taken a back seat this past thirty days or so.  Learning how to market Jeremy Logan, the author, has gotten in the way.  I cannot describe how far I need to go to learn this part of the business.  Here's a perfect example.  One of my friends was the first to buy Don't Go There and read it.  It was very gratifying that she enjoyed reading it, and knowing she was an avid and well educated reader her comments meant an awful lot to me.  She joined my wife and me for lunch the other day and brought the book with her so I could sign it.  I was so wrapped up by her kind words I had trouble thinking of what to write with my signature.  What's worse, my penmanship stunk.

Then it hit me.  I was totally unprepared for living the life of an author.  My wife chided me for not being able to write something touching and memorable.  Before that day I didn't realize that I needed to practice writing meaningful words along with my signature.  The only preparations I made was practicing to sign Jeremy Logan, since it's not my real name.

With that eye-opening experience I've started going to school.  My first class, Authors 101.  The syllabus for this course includes social networking and media, advertising and ad materials, book signing, and charm school.  I've just started.  So if you run across me and I don't appear very polished, I hope you will forgive me while I get more practice.

Even though I have a Facebook and Twitter account now, I'm as inexperienced as one can be.  Getting in the way is not being a young person.  Discarding my old ways of seeing and doing things is not easy.

I don't know how long the learning curve is, but I'm slowly making progress.  Just the other day I made a press kit, ordered some posters and advertising materials.  I'm putting together a book signing traveling road-show kit with a folding table, folding chairs, table cloth, easel for the poster, and I ordered more paperback versions of Don't Go There.  I hope to start finding signing gigs for some time in February.  Until then, I will be practicing the writing of thoughtful words.

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