Blog No. 23 by novelist Jeremy Logan — The Rubik Memorandum, the New Title

Blog No. 23 by novelist Jeremy Logan -- The Rubik Memorandum, the New Title

Due to popular vote, the new title of the first novel of the Disaster Trilogy is The Rubik Memorandum. This book is a throwback to conspiracy novels of the 1950's and 1960's. I think you will find it as mysterious and suspenseful, but contemporary to this era.

TRM is in final edits by the publisher, and is due to be available on by June 1st. In my opinion, a good read is driven by two things: A good story and great characters. You should find both is this novel.

I've already blogged about the main character, Vic Majeski. In real life he is one of my favorite friends, a past coworker and colleague. He is a man of great spirit and character, and what a character he is. With his permission, I've included a couple of pictures of him in the pages of the book. Why, you ask; because his looks and his persona are a part of what makes him a character worth writing about.

Now I'm going to digress somewhat. I have retooled my website, blog and other social media. I've hired a publicist, and in June we are going to kick off a marketing campaign. Thanks to all the encouraging support from my readers, I'm going to take seriously the work of making this new career a success. To me, that means several things. I no longer wonder if I can write. I'm no Hemingway, but this is something I can do well, and I have a voice that's a little different - different in a good way. It also means that I should hold myself to a higher standard. I need to improve with each novel. I need to take my writing seriously.

I had this same milestone as an attorney. Early on I wondered if I could be a good lawyer and a good businessman. I don't know when it was exactly, but there came a time when I realized that I was succeeding. I stopped worrying if I was going to make it, and started wondering how I could be the best at what I did. I'm at that juncture now in my writing. Being the best is beyond my reach, but I believe I should strive to do the one thing that great authors did to me -- they left me in awe. They transported me to a place where anything is believable and possible --and I knew I was a better person after reading their stories.

To this end, in The Rubik Memorandum - as the first novel in the Disaster Trilogy, the story is not really about disasters and what happens before, during and after one. It's about these people who attend to them, and the underlying mysteries about why they occur. In every case in this trilogy, it is not going to be what you expect. And that's what I've found in the real world. There is always something that you would never imagine that is the main contributor to the debacle. And most times that something is people-based. Some person or persons intervened in the normal course of events that changed the fate of others. It may have been intentional or unintentional. And in all that I have witnessed, there can be found that dramatic moment of intervention that changes everything. If I do my job well, I can take you to that moment that turns everything from the expected to the unexpected. And from that moment on, you are at the author's mercy, taking you on a journey to the unexpected conclusion.

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